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Cmobo provides customers a super easy way to locate and compare home service providers. Customer can send one inquiry to multiple providers and receive price estimates, hires the best provider, then schedule and pay for services, all done on mobile device or web.

Cmobo offers service providers a platform to advertise and manage their service jobs, employees and subcontractors. Providers receive customer inquiries and can send back responses and price estimates. In addition, providers will be able to schedule, map/route and track jobs on mobile device or on the web.

Cmobo is both a marketplace and a management system. Our goal is to save time for everyone involved in the process of hiring and managing home services, by utilizing mobile and web technology.
Cmobo is the ONLY service that centralizes all the trust factors of professionals. You can read online reviews, and check BBB, license, background check and insurance / bond information, all at one place.

In addition, Cmobo saves you time by allowing you to contact multiple pros at once. You search pros, pick the ones you want to contact, and send one message to all of them. Then you can compare prices, negotiate and hire the best one. All of these can be done on mobile or web. And it's FREE.

With all the benefits Cmobo has to offer, why not choose Cmobo?

Using text messaging certainly saves you time compared to calling. However, Cmobo offers much more than just messaging. Using Cmobo, you can send one inquiry to multiple pros for estimates. You can centralize all responses from pros at one place, compare estimates, and negotiate prices. You can also add photos and follow-up notes. In addition, you can schedule jobs and write reviews about the pro's performance.
No. Cmobo is free to customers. There is no monthly fee or any other fee.
Currently, Cmobo is free to providers. There is no monthly fee. Leads to providers are free as well.

In the future, we may charge providers a small percentage of commission from completed transactions.
Yes. Pro's phone numbers are prominently displayed as buttons in Cmobo. One tap and you can talk to the pro on the phone.
No. There is no obligation whatsoever to you by contacting pros through Cmobo. Cmobo service is 100% free to customers. Of course, we hope that you will find one provider who is right for you and hire him/her to do your service job.
Currently, you do money transaction offline. In the future, Cmobo plans to offer an easy way for you to conduct cashless payment through the system.
It is much easier to enter mobile phone # as login on your cell phone, than entering an email. It is also easier to search a provider or customer you know by mobile phone #. For example, you can search a pro's public profile by his/her mobile phone # such as cmobo.com/408-000-1000.

Modern messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat do ask users for mobile phone #. You can be rest assured of your privacy being protected at Cmobo as we will never sell your information or send spam to your mobile phone.
Starting March, 2015, Cmobo is available nationally in the United States.
You can email info@cmobo.com or call toll free 1-800-520-1070.

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